VinUniversity Teaching and Learning Summit – Educating the 21st Century Student

June 7, 2022

Vietnam’s Higher Education sector is undergoing a transformation with educators widely adopting progressive and evidence-based teaching and learning practices across all disciplines. This conference presents one of the first post COVID opportunities to participate in a conference in Vietnam, focused on sharing hands-on, tested, and tried approaches to enable higher order student learning.

With the three summit themes “Educating the 21st Century Student”; “Active, Experiential & Technology Enhanced Learning”; and “Inclusive Teaching Practices To Support Student Learning”, participants will have opportunities to:

  • Propose their creative and innovative ideas to enhance student learning
  • Work with their colleagues to help to adapt those practices in their own teaching
  • Join live keynotes, engaging panels, active workshops, poster sessions, case study discussion, networking social hours.
  • Top few ideas that are deemed to be the most innovative and have the most potential to be transformative, will get recognized and awarded seed funds for pilot and implementation.

Together with the representatives from VinUniversity, we will bring leaders, scholars and practitioners in the higher education community from all over the world to participate in an action- filled two-day Summit such as Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh University of Economics and Finance, National Economics University, Fulbright University Vietnam, RMIT University Vietnam, HUTECH University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore, Arizona State University… and the special support from MOET Department of Lifelong Learning.

Details of this invited session are also on the website: LINK

The summit is open to enrollment for educators who are passionate about teaching and student learning, new learning strategies, or want to get inspired before the next school year.