Apply Now for VinUniversity’s Special Round! – Qualified Applicants will be Waived the Application Fee and Eligible to Join our 5-5-5 Process!

April 13, 2022

From April 13, 2022, VinUniversity’s Special Round will be opened, giving exclusive opportunities for international students and talented Vietnamese students!

To qualify for the Special Admission Round, candidates must be:

  • Vietnamese or international students who are prize winners from National or International Science Olympiads
  • Vietnamese or international students who have been recognized and admitted by prestigious universities all over the world;
  • Talented students from outside of Vietnam

Candidates of the Special Admission Round will have their application fee WAIVED (USD 86) and be assessed quickly and comprehensively according to the Special 5-5-5 Admission Process:

✔ After 5 working days of application submission, candidates will receive the result if they get invited to the interview or not;

✔ After 5 working days after the interview, eligible candidates will receive application result letters and admission offer letters with scholarship conditions (if any);

✔ After 5 working days of receiving the offer letter, the candidates will make their enrollment decision.

If you qualify and wish to apply to VinUniversity in the Special Admission Round, please proceed as follows:

  1. Apply at: and fill in all required information as instructed.
  2. Send an email to to confirm your application to the Special Admission Round with the University. Don’t forget to mention what makes you stand out!


For further assistance, kindly reach us at 18008189 or

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