VinUniversity Initiated the Organization of the First “Teaching and Learning Summit”

June 18, 2022

In the 21st century, what can schools and universities do to leverage the potential of our youth to create and empower highly skilled innovators, changemakers, leaders and responsible citizens who can lead transformational advances in all fields of life? The Teaching and Learning Summit at VinUniversity will tackle some of these issues. This two-day Summit will feature distinguished university leaders and innovative educators from universities in Vietnam and around the world.

Our keynote speakers are Professor Sanjay Sarma, Vice-President of Open Learning and Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, USA, and a member of the VinUniversity Academic Advisory Board, and Professor Dr. Robert Kamei, from Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. Both speakers are top leaders in the field of education innovation.

The conference sessions will feature high-level topics in the education sector such as internationalization, digital transformation and research orientation, as well as micro-level topics on the “teacher-learner” relationship: how can teachers empower, support and guide students to construct knowledge and build 21st century skills. The Summit also features a highly experiential Health Professions Education track, on Saturday, June 18, with leaders from top medical colleges in Vietnam, and exciting sessions led by VinUniversity faculty.

The Spark the Imagination Awards at the Summit will feature poster presentations from lecturers and students on innovative ideas in teaching. Over 50 speakers and panelists lead thought provoking discussions. Over 25 sessions in various formats and a diverse range of topics. Over 400 educators have registered the Teaching and Learning Summit, 2022 at VinUniversity marks the beginning of this exemplary collaboration among universities and the government.