VinUniversity Cooperates with Got It – A Vietnamese Tech Start-Up in Silicon Valley, USA

October 25, 2022

The successful cooperation agreement between VinUniversity and Got It AI Vietnam (part of Got It, Inc.) has created many internship opportunities for first-year students as well as opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs. Got It, Inc. is a tech start-up based in Silicon Valley (USA) that focuses on ExcelChat and Conversation AI. Recently, Dr. Tran Viet Hung – Founder of Got It – was also officially appointed “Industry Chair” for Business Analysis at the College of Business & Management, VinUniversity.

According to this agreement, students of VinUniversity College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) and College of Business & Management (CBM) will have the chance to “get integrated” in Got It AI Vietnam’s active start-up environment, through customized internship programs, such as:

🔹 “5-in-5” Internship: every Friday for 5 consecutive weeks or 5 working days in 1 week.

🔹 Summer Internship: lasts a minimum of 8 weeks, from approximately the end of June to mid-September.

Notably, CECS students will gain an additional internship opportunity with the “Professional Structured Internship” program at Got It AI. The program will last for an entire semester (16 consecutive weeks) or 2 summer semesters full-time (16 weeks) and part-time (640 hours). The Professional Structured Internship program is a compulsory component for CECS students, in order to complete their 2nd-year program at VinUniversity.

Additionally, Got It AI Vietnam’s leaders, managers, and representatives will take part in the VinUniversity Mentorship program, the Guest Lecturers’/ Industry Speakers’ Series, and other career orientation events.

Being 1 of more than 30 companies that took part in VinUni Career Day 2022, Got It’s representatives were impressed with VinUnians’ proactivity and hunger for knowledge, providing the foundation for this cooperation agreement.

Got It, Inc. is a start-up founded by Dr. Tran Viet Hung in Silicon Valley, USA. It is one of the few Vietnamese start-ups that have managed to thrive in the “tech valley” of the world and caught global attention with its never-before-seen AI products. Got It has built the largest ExcelChat platform in the world, with over 10,000 reliable experts from 79 countries. It has facilitated millions of professional chats for products like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and similar data sheets.