Year 1: The Connected World 

Big Ideas 2 credits
Global Perspectives 2 credits
General Education 14 credits
Intro to Major 3 credits
Free Electives 10 credits


Year 2: Thinking Capacities 

Applied Ethics 2 credits
Logic and Scientific Method 2 credits
General Education 15 credits
Compulsory/Core courses in Major 10 credits
Free Electives 2 credits


Year 3: Society and Change

Global Development and Sustainability 2 credits
Digital Arts and Sciences 2 credits
Specialization Pathway Courses in Major 14 credits
Free Electives 10 credits


Year 4: Professional Preparation

Internship 12 credits
Speacialization Pathway Courses in Major 12 credits
Free Electives 6 credits
  1. Strategic collaboration with Cornell University and international standard curriculum: The program is endorsed by Cornell University and all courses are designed with the assistance of an international team of experts in the field.
  2. A personalized learning program: A degree with 30 credits available for a free choice of electives across the university catalog and a one-to-one personal tutor who will stay with you throughout your 4-year academic journey and who will supervise you as you undertake your research project.
  3. Internships to gain hands-on experience: Opportunities to intern in a professional working environment at leading prestigious corporations/ organizations inside and outside the VinGroup ecosystem, including Vinschool, Vinpearl, Vinhomes, McKinsey, Marriott, Vietnam Airlines, standard Chartered Bank, Techcombank, BCG, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Viettel,
  4. Global exchange program without incurring additional fees: Opportunity to take part in A student exchange program and transfer credits on A reciprocal basis at no extra tuition cost for up to one semester at our world-leading partner universities in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, and more.
  5. Broad career opportunities with double degrees/ minors: Our training program aims for flexibility, allowing students to easily explore different career paths; students can choose to minor or double major in another program at the College of Arts and Sciences or from select programs in other colleges, e.g., “Communications and Economics”, “Psychology and Marketing”, “Communications and Entrepreneurship”.
  6. Our “Big Ideas” seminars for first-year students provide an Ivy-League-style intense group discussion of the pressing issues of our time.
  7. Opportunity to participate in Net Zero sustainable development projects in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.