How Do VinUniversity Students Learn National Defense and Security?

August 22, 2022

Recently, VinUniversity’s 1st and 2nd cohorts had the opportunity to experience living, studying, and working like soldiers for 10 days at the National Defense and Security Education Center, Thuy Loi University, Hung Yen Province.

Besides Military Theory and Practice classes that teach students Vietnam’s military outlook and its defense and security, students also take part in extracurricular activities to hone their skills and evoke their national pride.

Some notable activities in the course are: visiting Hung Yen Province’s defensive drill area; participating in the Military Competition with activities like gun dismantling, team formation, Vivonam martial arts performance, tug-of-war; organizing an auction for students’ artworks; Music Gala and bonfire; among many others.

Let’s take a look at the video to reminisce about the memorable moments at the National Defence and Security Education course!