Leadership Boot Camp 2022/23 – Batch 2

Event date: 17/02/2023

The VinUni Leadership Boot Camp has returned! 

Located in Soc Son, Leadership and Teambuilding Boot Camp is now running its second batch. This two-day leadership camp offered to you by VinUniversity will help you gain more knowledge about leadership & relevant skills to become a leader by working together to overcome obstacles in the context of limited resources in a remote area. After this Boot camp, you should see yourself as a potential global leader, a team player, and a Changemaker!

Boot Camp packing list: 

  1. Athletic clothing for two days
  2. 1 set of warm clothing (for evening)
  3. 1 hat
  4. Flashlight
  5. Water bottle (essential item)
  6. 200,000 VND in extra cash for spending money
  7. Bug Spray
  8. Towel x1
  9. Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  10. Phone with charger (limited cell phone use during boot camp)
  11. Sneakers/athletic shoes
    1. Bring one extra pair of shoes just in case they get wet.
  12. Rain gear (jacket)
  13. Other items needed for one overnight

Rules and expectations:

  1. The leadership camp follows the same rules and regulations as VinUniversity.
  2. Be on time! (A fundamental expectation of boot camp is to be on time for each activity – attendance points will be taken away if students are not punctual)
  3. Clean up after each meal.
  4. Challenge yourself! (Leadership Camp is meant to be a challenging but rewarding experience. Take it seriously)
  5. No alcohol or smoking or any other illegal substance (tobacco and vaping) – This is grounds for immediate dismissal and receiving NCR grade.
  6. Limited Cell Phone use – no cell phones during IOGT activities
  7. No abuse and assault (verbal or physical – report immediately)
  8. Be mindful of language (foul and inclusive – help students with translation if Vietnamese is not their first language)
  9. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear (Many of the boot camp activities are strenuous – you should wear the camo clothing as assigned).

You can have a sneak-peak by reading through previous student’s experience sharing at:

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Get ready and see you at the Leadership Boot Camp 2023, we hope to listen to your interesting stories!

On behalf of College of Arts and Sciences!