Entrepreneurship Talk | What Makes a Start-Up Successful?

December 9, 2022

At the “Public Talk: Entrepreneurship” held within the framework of the University of Toronto’s visit to VinUniversity last week, senior leaders from VinUniversity, the University of Toronto, and VinBrain provided multidimensional perspectives and fresh discussions on entrepreneurship and how to encourage entrepreneurship at universities.

Accordingly, “Collaboration” is the success factor that was most frequently mentioned during the seminar. From his experience of building the University of Toronto into a leader in entrepreneurship, Professor Meric Gertler – President of the University of Toronto, Canada – believes that the university’s proactiveness in promoting entrepreneurial activities, along with cooperation between universities and external partners are key to providing the best learning opportunities and development environment for students’ entrepreneurship. Additionally, Mr. Steven Quoc Hung Truong – Founder and General Director of VinBrain – also shared with students his real-world start-up experience. For him, in terms of strategy, young people should learn to think big and think deeply like Westerners, and in terms of tactics, they should embrace the Vietnamese spirit of determination and perseverance.

As a university known for its entrepreneurial spirit and relentless creativity, VinUniversity always strives to give students the opportunity to learn, to experience, and to fail in the real world through practical support, such as the Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) and funding of up to 100,000 USD/year for eligible students’ start-up, research, and social projects. The university also seeks to expand its national and international network of leading universities and businesses to provide students with opportunities for research, internship, and mentorship from leading experts in a variety of fields.