Creating Researchers for Tomorrow Using Active Learning Approach at VinUniversity

January 13, 2021

Healthcare professionals have huge responsibility since their decisions can impact the community in many ways. Therefore, in addition to specialized knowledge and skills, medical students should focus on improving their soft skills (EQ) and professionalism. The course “Professionalism in Medicine” provides students the opportunities to enhance their teamwork, communication and presentation skills, and especially research skills and mindset.

Students actively design the curriculum and select a research topic related to Professionalism. Working in teams for six weeks with support and guidance from faculty, a symposium is arranged in the last week where teams had the opportunity to present their topics.

Some of the topics presented were eprofessionalism, community expectations of a doctor, legal code of conduct in Vietnam.

An expert panel with guests in attendance asked questions from the presenters which were answered. This was MD students’ first ever presentation at this scale with more national and international conferences to follow.

Ms Lien Trinh, former Chief Operating Officer of Vinmec International Hospital, current Lecturer of Healthy LifeSyle at VinUniversity, 1 of the 3 panelists of the symposium shared her thoughts: “I always had to remind myself that these students are only first year, because they have displayed outstanding research capabilities, critical thinking and maturity beyond their age”.

Nguyen Huynh Khanh Vy, first year medical student said: “This is the first time I take part in such a long-duration project. After 6-week doing research, I have learnt how to approach the issue in a structured and professional manner. I believe these skills are very useul for my further studies as well as doing research”.

And to answer which one was the best presentation and if they get an award, Dr. Zarrin Siddiqui the MD Program Director responded; “Medicine is about collaboration and not competing with each other. This is the first principle we tell the MD students so they share the knowledge and support each other to achieve Excellence.  Once they accept this, everyone becomes an active learner.”