Internship Opportunities

Soon you will complete your courses and start applying your skills  at the real deal: Being an intern, doing a practicum at an institution where what you have learned and acquired at VinUniversity will be tested and applied in a real-life context.

Unlike an ordinary stand-alone university, VinUniversity is part of the Vingroup Eco-system whose operation and activities range from industrials, technology, education, and health-care services to real estate and hospitality. One of the top advantages of VinUniversity students is that you will have opportunities to intern at leading Vingroup companies in your area of study. If you are a medical doctor or a nursing student, chances are that you will be practicing at hospitals or clinics within the Vinmec Healthcare System which is affiliated with VinUniversity. If you are a student in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, companies like Vinfast and Vinsmart are your ideal internship hosts, or else you can serve as research assistants or interns at research institutes such as VinBrain or VinAI. Students in the College of Business and Management will be able to apply what they have learned on campus at leading real-estate companies like Vinhomes or at the top hospitality chain in Vietnam like Vinpearl.

You can also do the internship at a company or organization of your choice outside the Vingroup Ecosystem. We are here to make sure that we connect you with the best possible match for an internship program so that your experience off-campus as an intern will prepare you for entering the workforce.