30 Vinschool Scholarship Winners Actively Engaged in VinUniversity’s Experiential & Career Orientation Activities

August 24, 2022

As part of the Kien Tao Scholarship Summer Camp 2022 organized by Vinschool, 30 excellent students from across the country who received the Kien Tao Scholarship in 2020 experienced valuable and unforgettable moments at VinUniversity while staying in the university’s dormitory from July 31 to August 13, 2022. The students also participated in a one-day event of Art Appreciation and a seminar on career orientation and entrepreneurship led by VinUniversity faculty and students.

Through the 3 classes led by VinUniversity students from the Young Change Maker organization on Startup – Business Model Canvas (Business Majors), Computational Thinking (Engineering and Technology Majors) and Communication in Medicine (Medical Majors), the participating students gained a fresh and multi-dimensional view of each industry and the actual business environment, helping them make better decisions when choosing a career in the future.

“I really liked the Communication in Medicine class because the knowledge I have gained is very new, interesting and practical in terms of interdisciplinary applicability. At the end of the session, I  also received guidance fromVinUniversity students to start an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to make a plan to apply the knowledge I have learned into reality and to build goals for the upcoming future with specific action plans,” a  student shared.

The Kien Tao Scholarship program is Vinschool’s educational philanthropic project, with funding of 10 billion VND. Implemented from 2020, the program has not only helped students in marginalized areas close the gap in educational conditions and opportunities for success compared to urban students, but has also inspired them to continue pursuing knowledge and realizing their dreams while overcoming difficulties and striving for a better future.

Find more information about the Kien Tao Scholarship here: https://bit.ly/3vAMVTC