VinUniversity is the Youngest University in the Asia – Pacific Region to Receive 5 Star QS Ratings in 7 Criteria

October 10, 2022

VinUniversity was recently awarded a 4 Star overall rating by Quacquarelli Symonds (UK), a world-renowned educational analysis and ranking company, as well as excellent 5 Star ratings in 7 criteria. This makes VinUni the youngest university in the Asia – Pacific region to receive 5 Star QS ratings in 7 categories after only 2 years in operation.  

Mr. Samuel Ang, Regional Director of Asia at QS, awarding the QS certificate to Dr. Le Mai Lan, President of VinUniversity, and Professor Rohit Verma, Founding Provost of VinUniversity, at VinUniversity’s Convocation Day on October 10th, 2022.

QS is a globally leading company specializing in ranking higher education institutions and whose results are acknowledged across the world. QS has awarded VinUni 5 Stars in 7 categories: Teaching; Academic Development; Internationalization; Social Responsibility; Facilities; Arts and Culture; and Inclusiveness. On the whole, VinUni officially received a 4 Star overall rating by QS because the university does not yet have a graduated student cohort.

Samuel Ang, the Regional Director of Asia at QS, stated: “This is a tremendous achievement for such a young university, which speaks volume of VinUniversity’s quality and academic excellence. VinUniversity is the youngest university in Asia Pacific to be rated QS 4 STARS overall with the highest number of categories, which are assessed at 5 stars rating. I sincerely believe that VinUniversity will provide it’s students with a strong foundation as they progress through their learning journey of academic excellence.”

Mr. Samuel Ang, Regional Director of Asia at QS, was extremely impressed by the excellence and quality of teaching and learning at VinUniversity after only 2 years in operation.

In Teaching, the percentage of students who were satisfied with the quality of teaching and learning experience at VinUni exceeded the maximum requirements for a QS 5 Star rating. In particular, the teacher-student ratio at VinUni is currently only 1:6, which far surpasses QS’s maximum requirement of a 1:10 ratio.

In Academic Development, VinUni is able to ensure that students receive personal consultation time with faculty members. Each student is assigned an academic counselor for their entire time at the university. Additionally, many students have published research papers in reputable academic journals due to the numerous research assistant opportunities available at VinUni. 100% of VinUni’s faculty members also have to participate in a training program developed and accredited by Cornell University on active teaching and learning methodologies.

In Internationalization, VinUniversity’s learning environment received a 5 Star rating with a diverse student body and a high percentage of international faculty. In particular, in the academic year 2021-2022, VinUni greatly expanded its international partnerships, bringing VinUni students various opportunities for academic exchange at 13 prestigious universities across the globe, such as Cornell University (USA), Toronto University (Canada), EPFL (Switzerland), Seoul National University, Yonsei University (South Korea), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), University of Technology Sydney (Australia)… VinUniversity’s Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Programs with leading international universities also played an important role in helping VinUniversity achieve an excellent rating in this category by allowing students to reduce their studies by 6 months to 1 year.

In Arts and Culture and Facilities, QS recognized VinUni’s state-of-the-art facilities, with modern and specialized spaces such as a theater, exhibition halls, outdoor display areas, art rooms, etc…, as well as the university’s investment in cultural programs that enrich the lives of students and faculty. With a 4,000m2 digital library and multiple 24/7 functional spaces, VinUni achieved an investment amount of 400 USD/student, far exceeding QS’s maximum requirement of 250 USD/student.  

In Social Responsibility, QS recognized VinUni for its commitments and efforts to support the community, such as funding charitable programs and actively participating in projects that aim to positively impact the community.

In Inclusiveness, with the generous support of the Vingroup corporation, VinUni has been able to provide  less privileged students with many tailored opportunities for development. Currently, 100% of students receive varying levels of scholarships or financial aid for the entire duration of their studies.

Prof. Rohit Verma, the Founding Provost of VinUniversity shared, “I am proud that VinUniversity has achieved overall 4 stars in QS rating this year.  Our ability to meet these standards is a testament to the dedication, commitment, hard work and incredible spirit of each faculty, staff and student at VinUni. The rigorous analytical process of QS star rating has helped us to recognize not only what we have been able to accomplish in only two years since our inception, but also recognize areas that need our continued attention experience on the journey to becoming a world-class university that excels in research, teaching, service, and student experience.”

Professor Rohit Verma, Founding Provost of VinUniversity, shared: “I am proud that VinUniversity has achieved overall 4 stars in QS rating this year.  Our ability to meet these standards is a testament to the dedication, commitment, hard work and incredible spirit of each faculty, staff and student at VinUni.”

VinUni’s addition to QS’s network of over 2,000 leading international universities and 12,000 employers in more than 50 countries will help VinUni faculty and students receive recognition from global academic and professional communities, and gain access to academic exchange and career opportunities across the world.

VinUniversity (VinUni) is a private, not-for-profit university established by Vingroup with a mission to develop talents for the future and the aspiration of becoming a university of excellence according to international standards. VinUni has built strategic collaborations with Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania – a choice that speaks to our commitment to excellence, innovation in research and teaching, and to making a difference in the world.

VinUniversity currently provides the following degree programs: Bachelor of Business Administration; Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management; Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor of Nursing; Medical Doctor Program; and Graduate Medical Education Programs. In 2022-23, VinUni also launched the Master of Innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) program and the Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science program.

The QS Stars system is provided by QS to higher education institutions based on a set of 8 predetermined criteria. Through its auditing method, QS not only evaluates and gives stars ratings to universities based on data, evidence of activities, or real-life achievements provided by the university, but also provides independent verification by QS experts in the Asia region. To date, over 600 higher education institutions in 60 countries have been qualified and rated according to the QS Stars system.